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Inside a Classic Photobooth

Son of a Boof worked a gig where there were 4 old classic photobooths, all identical, all from the late 1940s. As you can see from the graphics on the side they were updated in the 70s:


The event producers covered the classic graphics with their own:


Sort of a travesty, but it came out pretty nice in an uber corporate sort of way, which of course is what they were shooting for:


Inside the booth, looking at the camera. Everything was in English and French, and interestingly the owner said it's hard to get old photobooths in good condition in this country since they all got destroyed, most of the pristine ones come from Canada...


Here's the photobooth guy tuning things up:


Some pictures inside the booth. Here we have the door swung open to the right, and as I understand it that casing with the rectangular sign is the camera, and when the door closes it mates to the film box:


Here's the film box with the roll of film above it:


After the film passes in front of the camera for each picture it drops down to this area, where a rotating cam dips it a bunch of times in each chemical. More than one strip can be on this cam, each at a different stage of the cycle:


Here are the chemicals, by the way, in transit to the gig. I'm so glad that with digital photobooths I don't have to deal with this stuff. When he opened them to set up the whole auditorium filled with the smell:


Another view of the chemical baths:


His maintenance log. It's interesting to note that he does about the same number of prints per event that I do (120 to 220 prints):


Another view of the chemicals, just because it's so cool:


Oh ok, one more:


Another view of the film roll:


And the motor that drives everything, very loudly by the way:


And one last picture of the fully rebranded booth. Who'd a thunk that under that corporate exterior lurks some incredibly cool antique machinery:



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